There are several ways that you can contribute to the project right now. The easiest and most important? Participate on our mailing lists and Wiki. Here are a few other ideas.

Technical Contributions

Transform your files into OPML-based HyperScope format. The HyperScope file format is braindead simple, and converting your files to that format (either statically or on-the-fly) is the first step towards using the HyperScope in your environment.

Integrate the HyperScope into your applications. The HyperScope is just a JavaScript library that could be integrated into any web-based application.

Experiment with the User Interface. The HyperScope is meant to support multiple user interfaces. You can use our core JavaScript library that handles all of the base functionality and play with all sorts of user interfaces.

Think about ways to make this work with any XML file format, not just OPML. We had early discussions (accessible on our Wiki about how the HyperScope could work with any XML-based file format. However, we found the implementation too challenging for the first release. That said, we still think this is a good, longer term idea and would like to play with it.

Non-technical Contributions

Create a logo. No open source project is real until it has a cool name (check) and a logo (wanted). Oh yeah, and working code (check).

Draw a hula girl, preferably animated. Christina Engelbart has mandated that our software include an image of a dancing hula girl, and we aim to comply.

Help with the web site.

Tell a friend! If you're excited about our project, blog about it.