To browse the HyperScope-enabled files on our sites you will not need to download any special HyperScope software; all you need is the right browser. Currently the only HyperScope-compatible browser is Firefox 2.0 for PC, which can be wine-wrapped for use on a Mac. When you use that browser to access HyperScope-enabled files on a site like ours where HyperScope software is installed, all the HyperScope features will be available to you. If you get a blank or code-filled HyperScope window instead, you are using the wrong browser and/or trying to access the files on a site where HyperScope software has not yet been installed. Using the above browser, explore our Library of HyperScope-enabled documents to see what it's all about.

If you would like to HyperScope-enable your own documents, you will need to download and install the HyperScope software on the server that will be hosting those documents. See the HyperScope GitHub repository for details and to access the Hyperscope 1.1 release notes and zip file (30 MB). See File Format on this site for tips on tagging and naming your files.